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As a graduate from the York University / Sheridan College Bachelor of Design Honours Program, I have the ability to solve design problems professionally, creatively, effectively and appropriately within time constraints. Using hand-drawn elements in the design work contributes largely to its uniqueness. In the wedding stationary design for Jade and Dan, I carved the gold stamp and drew all the ornamentation before scanning it in. This allowed me to control the details inside each element of the design resulting in a highly tuned composition. The paper choice and spot colour ink was chosen to fit a certain budget and stylistic preference. Shelley's business card was great fun. She requested I hand draw it to give it my unique style. I asked her about her personality and interests then implemented them into the design. I included some illustration images here as well like the gerenuk which just function by themselves as clip art for t-shirts, etc. If you are interested in having any design or illustration work done, please email me.