Opportunity No.1

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There are not any scheduled events currently. Please check back later. In the meantime, engage with me through FB and IG (links here) where I will be posting poetry and other supplements for deeper exploration of the themes and concepts.

“I see my work as communication—the messages of which are subtle and intuitive. The discoveries I stumble upon through my inquiry into human nature are lasting movements which are carried into the pieces. When sketching forms I seek to find ones which resonate. When the viewer can feel this, the connection has been made. I see this as a celebration of our existence.”


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Opportunity No.1

Opportunity No.1

Opportunity No.1

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Welcome to the hub of my artwork online!

From here you can connect to news on facebook, follow the sculpting process on instagram or read short stories and poetry supplementing the visual art on my blog. There are slideshow portfolios in each category above and of course a current overview of my endeavors here on the home page. I am reachable at info@mikesasaki.com and appreciate questions and inquiries.

Sculpting in wood is my main line of work. New sculptures are regularly listed for sale on my online Etsy shop where I ship to buyers worldwide.

Artistic Approach
In the years after graduating from the Design program in 2005, there was much rigorous investigation into certain fields of society and culture; namely: Japanese history and philosophy, history of their writing system, Japanese arts and the influence of Zen, martial arts and human physiology, roles of graphic design in the contemporary world, the english language and its evolution, and the human brain. This led me to Japan for 5 years where I practiced Shorinji Kempo, a martial art for self-defence and building positive community. While I was in Japan and immersed in the Japanese way of life, there was great learning for someone born and raised in the very different Canadian culture. Upon returning to Canada in 2010 there was an intensifying urge to pursue the inquiry into the human mind, human condition and the field of potentiality. As I started researching I began uncovering beautiful truths that needed no verbal validation—experiential truths providing bits of clarity to immediate perception.
    The current dynamic state of the world with respect to humanity is special in that we are faced with an unprecedented urgency for change. We are participants in what could be a very intense and quaking era—where hugely impacting decisions need to be made and will be felt around the surface of the earth. Self-inquiry and the actual state of the world have great relevance to each other. As each individual drops selfish pursuits and falls in love with life totally, the wars will naturally end. Violence is an expression of inner confusion. We seem far away from realizing such a truly peaceful world but the transformation of humanity has already begun.
    My work is an expression of this orientation with the goodness of humanity and life. Through a mixture of deep self-inquiry and technical studies the inspiration for the discovery of meaningful form arises. What I find most interesting in this inquiry is that usually the most beautiful realizations are unearthed by digging into some of the most overlooked and mundane mental habits which were previously unnoticed or deemed as non-harmful. I think this is the great irony in the contemporary human condition. I explore areas such as: psychological time and space; real timelessness and "spacelessness"; the essence of force, motion and the significance of geometry and line; the importance of parts within the whole or the whole as inseparable from the parts; mathematical abstraction and its relationship to pure perception; the individual and the community, and knowing and the unknown. Through visual poetry, I seek to infuse abstract form with meaning, mystery and truth. I hope that my work will resonate with others and together we can bask in the joy of life, love and the whole.

On Location

Private Collection
Photos by Karen Irvine
At Infinity House in Boca Raton 2019 Architecture and Interior Design by The Up Studio - www.theupstudio.com
Photos by The Up Studio

At CCBC Shop and Gallery - Granville Island, Vancouver in Aug. 2019
Top left photo by Chiharu Sato

At YVR Airport - Vancouver, BC in July 2019
Photo by Cynthia McCreery

At Dalbergia: Wood & Fine Objects - Vancouver during August 2017
Photos by Chiharu Sato

At Lillian Gallery - Vancouver in May 2018
Photos by Azi Yousefi
At Dalbergia in August 2018

Sculpture Process


I was born in Toronto, Canada in 1982. I practiced drawing a lot as a child out of enjoyment. I was also taught woodworking from my father at a young age. In high school I started using clay for sculptures. I graduated from the York University/Sheridan College Honours Bachelor Program in Design in 2005. There, I implemented my drawings into my designs quite often. I was especially interested in the book design course because we learned how to bind books by hand and it gave me an opportunity to write, illustrate, design and bind a volume. This allowed for a totally integrated design where the paper's texture relates to the theme of the book, the dust jacket design relates to the stitching style, etc. I went on to live in Tokyo for 5 years deepening my investigation into Japanese culture and philosophy, and practicing Shorinji Kempo - a martial art. The gardens, block prints, festivals, tea ceremony and architecture were deeply inspiring. I worked illustrating teaching material, designing new year's cards, and illustrating t-shirts. When I returned to Canada I worked at Lynrich Arts in Toronto where I provided graphic design, illustration, and art teaching. I have been doing freelance graphic design and illustration since 2005. I started using wood as my main mode of expression since realizing in 2011 that it was my choice medium. The ideas and concepts for the sculptures were developed shortly thereafter. I currently live in Vancouver, Canada.